Prophets of Ignorance (2016)

One of my favorite underground filmmakers comes from Kasper Juhl in Denmark. His work is brutal and disturbing. He also does a great job with practical effects. His content usually focuses on the darkest reaches on the underbelly of society. This is one of his newest features and one of my favorites. You can find his work through Hellbound Productions, Black Lava Entertainment, and Unearthed Films.


Desperate Living (1977)

John Waters is a hero in the world of indie film. He has been a voice for the outcasts of society for years. He is a pioneer in the world of social change and free speech as well. Desperate Living came out after the much more famous…or infamous, Pink Flamingos, and right before Polyester. It is one of the craziest damn movies ever. I love it. This is my VHS copy.


The Violent Shit Series

The ultimate series of films from the shot-on-video era of indie filmmaking is Violent Shit. It has had two modern day sequels/reboots; but, there is nothing like the low budget practical gore effects found in the original trilogy. Synapse Films has recently released four of the films with the bonus bloodbath Zombie 90 for your underground viewing pleasure. 

Caligula (1979)

I got this from an Arrow Video sale earlier this year. It is a good thing too; since, it is a terrible movie. It had a surprisingly famous cast and huge budget, for the fact that it was nothing but a porn that was attempting to have a story. We all know that porn and plots don’t mix. Maybe this was the film that taught us that?

Reform School Girls (1986)

I love this weird exploitation/revenge film. It was directed by Tom DeSimone, who also directed the cult slasher favorite Hell Night. This film in particular pays homage to many sub genres of degenerate filmmaking. It also has amazing eighties hair and fashion…I think…I guess.

Slugs (1988)

Slugs is a film from the late eighties that capitalized on the creature horror craze. Unlike Frogs and Squirm, this one really ups the ante in the gore department. I had not seen it until Arrow Video sent me a screener to review for Beneath the Underground last year. I freakin’ loved it. It is truly a hidden gem from back in the day.

Two Evil Eyes (1990)

This was a combined effort from horror masters George Romero and Dario Argento. It is a single release consisting of two films that pay tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. Neither of the films jump out as top runners in regard to either filmmakers’ credits. In fact, I think the Arrow Video artwork may have been the best part about what was essentially a long episode of Tales from the Crypt. As a collector of both of these horror icons, however, I could not pass up this release from the Arrow Video Holiday Sale.

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