Zombeavers (2015) Film Review: Or a Hard Look at my Collecting Problem


This is the second review in a row done on a film that is readily available on Netflix. I walked into this film having heard tons of good things. When it first came out, it was being reviewed by everyone. I saw it referred to as the best horror comedy in years by many people. It was even in all of the stores. Widespread distribution at this point in horror history, however, is a dangerous thing. 


This film focuses on three girls trying to get away for the weekend. Of course, the plans don’t go as planned due to a stereotypical plot twist that brings the boyfriends into the picture. Thus creating a very overused plot involving teens, sex, and drugs in a cabin in the woods. Sometimes this plot isn’t detrimental to a film; but, this film doesn’t even attempt to do anything new with what it brings to the table.

This is really just your standard creature comedy. It is hard for me to tell why some end up on the SyFy channel and others make it to a VOD services. This film had some marketing behind it, it was on the shelves at Best Buy after all. It is, however, only a little bit better than most other straight to Netflix films I’ve seen. So I’m not sure how excited I’d be to pay full price for it at the store. It is really only worth owning for the horror/comedy fanatic or out-of-control collector, like myself. Therefore, I have no problem waiting for it to turn up in a dollar bin at a pawn shop. I would own this movie, only if the price was right and only because I buy just about anything from the horror genre.

So for just one good gore scene and a pair of just okay boobs, this isn’t one I’d get too excited about. Compared to other films on Netflix, it is slightly above average. Compared to everything that is out there, it is very below average. So despite the fact that I was let down by other reviewers, this film will  still end up between Snakes on a Plan and Piranha DD on my shelf someday.


This film barely receives 3 creatures out of 5. Watch it on Netflix before you make the decision to buy.

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