Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015) Film Review: Finally, A Good Modern Zombie Film


This films really doesn’t mess around. It starts out by dropping you right in the middle of the action. The viewer is instantly thrust into battle, as men in make-shift, Mad Max-ish armor, fight in the midst of a zombie bloodbath. This opening battle grabs the viewer’s attention before moving them into two interesting plot lines. As the two stories begin to unfold, you see how all of the characters are related. Their stories, of course, destined to end in one cataclysmic fight to the death. 

As Netflix has tended to churn out every zombie money grab imaginable over the past few years, I was really excited about this film. It just looked different to me. I had a really good feeling about the movie from the start, and by the end I felt even better. This is an original and fun modern zombie film. At times it relies too heavily on loud noises and jerky camera movements, but I didn’t find any of its cliches to be overly distracting. The gore and weirdness made the film, as a whole, impossible to ignore. There was enough style to really keep me glued to the screen. I think it was watching how the style of this film was influenced by past films that really kept me intrigued. For instance, the 28 Days Later and Mad Max qualities were impossible to gloss over. For me, the mixture of the modern fast zombies with the post-apocalyptic settings was a beautiful thing. It also had a strange feel, in the scenes with the crazy scientist, that looked like something from the film Brazil. Mixing this weirdness in with action packed fight scenes had me feeling like Terry Gilliam had directed an episode of The Walking Dead.

This film will probably be a victim of many mixed reviews. The zombies are of the speedy variety, so the old school nerds will hate on that. The zombie effects move between practical effects and CGI, so you will end up with haters on both sides of that issue. I, however, feel like this film has a nice balance in regards its controversial issues. I think it is definitely worth watching for anyone with Netflix. I think it is a must-own for the zombie fanatic. There are tons of terrible “modern” zombie films out there, so even the biggest old school hater of modern cinema should be able to give this one some respect in comparison to what else it out there. I’m giving it four bloodthirsty zombies out of five!



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