The Black Tape (2014) Film Review: Indie Spotlight from Ramone Menon


This week’s indie spotlight is a film written, directed, and produced by filmmaker Ramone Menon. It is about a killer that stalks an unsuspecting family, in hopes of creating his own snuff film. It is an interesting film with a plot influenced by home invasion films like The Strangers. I like films like this, because of their claustrophobic feel. So while they can feel a little slow to me at times, I am usually pretty happy with the way they turn out. So if you are a fan of films like The Strangers, The Purge, or Funny Games, The Black Tape is probably worth checking out.


This film is obviously a smaller movie than the others mentioned, but it shows potential from a first time director. I really like the way he used the camera in a voyeuristic manner, giving the home invasion film a new perspective. This perspective will be one that a fan of the Paranormal Activity films will really love. I also loved the strange scenes he used with the man and the hand-made signs. This technique added a surreal strangeness that had me hooked.


So while this film did, at times, feel a little slow, I feel like it had enough style to keep me intrigued until the end. The slowness is a bias I have towards this type of film; but, I always appreciate a  director’s attempt at putting a new spin on the genre. This writer/director did a nice job creating an ominous tone, while mixing in some subtly comedic writing. I think his take and combination on a couple of familiar genres was also a refreshing thing to see. I also like the marketing idea behind the film. You will know what I’m talking about when you find @blacktapekiller on Twitter and ask him how you can see his homemade snuff film.


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