Alex Wesley’s (Alexander Sharoglazov’s) Russian Splatter Films: Three Brutal Releases from LeglessCorpse Films


While we’re talking about digging into the underground and supporting indie horror, it is essential that we know where to look for the films. I have talked about companies like Vultra, Unearthed, Severin, and Blue Underground many times on this website. There are plenty of other film companies out there though. Many of them are small, like LeglessCorpse Films for instance. This company does small releases of some pretty nice indie films. I also like the fact that they aren’t afraid to get into foreign territory. For example, the films of Russian director Alex Wesley (Alexander Sharoglazov) had a release earlier this year. This is a set of films that range from shorts to feature-length. The numbered releases are great; and from this company, they are also very affordable. So the last time I talked about this company, I talked about the American independent horror/comedy Sledge. This time I am going to talk about the Russian splatter films of Mr. Sharoglazov.


The first two films that you can buy from LeglessCorpse Films are compilations of short films from Alex Wesley. Gallery of Gore includes (no surprise here) a bunch of gory shorts. The films in this set range from the completely weird Mental Food to the strangely hilarious Dr. Tumor. Some of the films provide more gore than others, some are strong and some are weak. I found this collection to be a little hit or miss, but cool to own nonetheless. You see, they have a very unique feel to them. If you are a fan of the old school shot on video films or early Vultra Video releases, then you will like the feel of these shorts. It is the feel you get from watching the humble beginnings of a talented indie filmmaker.


Trilogy of Bloody Guts is the second set of films that you can purchase. You can get this one for under ten bucks, so it is worth taking a chance on it. The trilogy includes Guts Outside, Guts Outside 2, and Zombies Eat My Guts. These are pretty nice little experiments in splatter filmmaking. I highly recommend this trilogy to the fan of zombie films, horror/comedies, or splatter films: whether that splatter film be German, Italian, American, or now Russian. The bottom line is that this will surely be a memorable trilogy for any viewer. The films are funny and brutal, building the viewer up to some insane and climactic images of gore-tastic carnage. I, for one, am quite the fan of splatter films. One of my favorite things about them is their silly stories. This trilogy is as silly as it is violent. So although most of the comedy comes from the poorly translated subtitles, it is still highly entertaining.


The feature film, Zombie Infection, came out back in 2011. I have this year’s release of number 10/100 from LeglessCorpse. This film is the culmination of everything that was good about the short films. The most obvious artistic climax reached, is that of the gore. The last half of this film is an all out assault. It is so brutally bloody, that you will find it impossible to look away. I don’t see how any reader of this site would have anything but absolute love for it. Aside from the obvious focus on gore effects, it is the camera work that sets this film apart. He takes a pretty stylized approach to the this film, which is greatly appreciated by this viewer. He seems to take many opportunities in this film to mess with filters and lighting. This changes certain colors and the focus of certain areas in the scene. It really changes the way you look at the scene. I felt like it was the camera work that added an uneasy feel to this film, making it that much more memorable.


So gore, gore, gore and blah, blah, blah. You know the type of person that is going to want to see these films; which means, you also already know if you are that type of person. So while I feel like these films may truly appeal to only some of the strangest fans on this site, I think everyone should try checking one of the movies out. If I had to pick one, it would be the feature, Zombie Infection. If I wanted to dive into the world of short films, I would go with the trilogy first. They are all super-cheap, so take a chance on one. As a collector I, of course, had to get them all. No matter who you are, you can be sure of a few things. You will have to get past some strange acting, but the violence will make up for it. You will have to get past some ridiculous attempts at subtitle creation, but the comedy it creates will make up for it. No matter what, you will have a good and bloody time.



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