100 Tears (2007) Film Review and 2015 Comic Preview: The Best Clown Movie Ever Moves to Print


Ten minutes into this film, I posted on Twitter that it was the greatest clown movie ever made. By the time the film was over, my opinion had not changed a bit. This is a film that starts out fast and never slows down. The kills are violent, bloody, and well done. The gore effects are the greatest part of this film, and they will completely blow you away.


This film starts out with a couple pretty standard horror plots. You have two journalists researching a serial killer. As they travel through the early stages of their quest, it is pretty easy to realize that they are getting into more than they can handle. The murderer’s background story looks like something that may have influenced the Freakshow season of American Horror Story. Here, an outcast circus performer commits acts of revenge that lead to an uncontrollable urge to slash his way through the world around him. You can’t let this simplistic plot get to you though. If you are watching this film, you are probably not looking for academy award-winning writing or acting.

You are probably looking for a relatively unknown example of the slasher genre. You are probably looking for scenes of violence that you won’t find in the Redbox. You are probably looking into the underground, because you are sick of what Hollywood and the Academy Awards have to offer. I would assume that if you are reading this site or interested in this film, that you are one of the brutal few that want to see a film with imagery and scenery that you’ve never seen before. This film has all of these qualities. It is an incredibly memorable film and one of my favorites of the last 15 years. It is one of the first Unearthed Films releases that I purchased, and I was glad I found it. It is films like this and companies like Unearthed, after all, that remind me that horror is not dead. There is great stuff out there, we just need to know where to look and whose careers we must follow.

One of these careers is that of director Marcus Koch. He has worked in the effects department on numerous films and his skill is truly put on display in this one. I have reviewed one of his earliest works, Bad Blood, on this site. With that review, I introduced you to the humble beginnings of an effects artist. With 100 Tears, we see him years later at the top of his game. The best part about following his career is the fact that 100 Tears is aging and Koch isn’t slowing down at all. He is still doing amazing work on current films like We Are Still Here and Death-Scort Service. Aside from these films, he is also responsible for the controversial film Rot and effects on Sean Donohue’s hilariously brutal Die Die Delta Pi. So on top of becoming an indie film legend, it seems as if his influence is moving into the world of print.


Master Plot Comics, with writers Sarah Hollis and Brian Lee Byrd, have a Kickstarter first publishing plan. So far, they have six issues planned for a 100 Tears mini-series. Depending on the success of their project, even more issues could be in their future. I, personally, love the direct that horror comics have going in the last seven years. Companies like Avatar and Boom and done amazing work at revitalizing classic horror film franchises, like Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Evil Dead. They have even started new lines of brutally graphic horror comics like Crossed and Ferals. Hopefully Master Plot Comics has some success with this series, I am pretty pumped about it.

Check out the Kickstarter project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mpcomics/100-tears-the-comic



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