Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #27: Films From the Last Five Years


In an age full of remakes and unnecessary prequels/sequels, it is imperative that the horror fan look to the underground. Scott Schirmer’s shocking independent film, pictured above, blew my mind when I first saw it. It is a brutal and uncomfortable foray into the horror film. It has excellent gore and a haunting tone. I absolutely loved every minute of it, right up to the bizarre and disturbing climax. The best part of this film is also the fact that it spawned the sick and twisted Headless, a film within this film that took the disturbing factor to an entirely new level.

So while you are checking this film out, be sure to keep an eye on the world of independent films. I am always trying to keep my readers educated (or deaducated) in the world of indie films. This world is getting huge after all. Aside from previous reviews of recent indie gems like American Guinea Pig, Pieces of Talent, Tantrum, and Collar, I also try to share upcoming releases. So stay deaducated and support indie horror!

Stay dead-ucated!


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