Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #17: The Best Serial Killer Film is…


The category for day #17 was serial killer film. Since I am a fan of murders and executions, I didn’t have much trouble picking a film for this category. There a tons of movies out there about serial killers. Whether they are based on real ones or not, they are usually terrible. American Psycho, however, is an amazing film that combines brutal carnage and sexual violence with scathing social commentary. The satire in this film is so dark that you will find yourself uncomfortable with the fact that you are laughing at it. This is a film that flips the script when it comes to heroes and villains, protagonists and antagonists. It is one of my favorite films of all time, not just in the serial killer genre. Oh yeah, and the book…one of the best ever! Bret Easton Ellis is one of the most important living writers we have. Did you know that this baby’s middle name is Easton? Yes, think about it. It’s not like my wife would let me name him Jason Krueger or anything.

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