Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #15: Haunted House Film


My top haunted house film isn’t rated R, isn’t super gory, and isn’t insanely disturbing. That is saying a lot coming from the site that is always searching for the most disturbing and gory films out there. Poltergeist, like The Exorcist, is just a well made film. It has great acting, directing, sound, and effects. The little girl gives a classic performance and Coach is pretty good too. Although this film probably became a mainstream classic because of the fact that it had a large budget, (Steven Spielberg wrote it for god’s sake) I really don’t mind. Anything Spielberg was, and is, tied to is getting paid. I don’t see anything wrong, however, with a big name trying to bring horror into the public eye. So despite the possible unfair advantage this film may have received, it is still very important in my horror career. It has multiple memorable scenes and lines. The effects were groundbreaking when I saw them as a kid and they still don’t let me down. That guy peeling his face off may have been the first scene to ever disturb me, and is probably the reason I love gore today.


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