Hotel Inferno (2013) Film Review: First Person Gore Galore


Hotel Inferno is a 2013 Necrostorm release directed by Giulio De Santi. It is the only film that I have ever seen shot in first person point-of-view.  It is gory, fast paced, and experimental. It has its ups and downs; but luckily, the downs are only minimal distractions. I had a really good time with this film, and here’s why.


This is a very interesting film, because the things I liked also became distractions at times. It is probably a movie where some people will think that too much of a good thing can get stale. These few stale aspects, in my eyes, all had to do with the perspective in which the film was shot. Now don’t get me wrong, I think the first person camera work is inventive, ambitious, and completely awesome. It is perfect for watching someone battle through pools of gore on the screen. The problem with this perspective, however, is that it makes me feel like I am watching someone else play a video game. This video game feel is even more apparent when you see the dialogue delivery. Early in the film, the main character is speaking to someone we cannot see. It seems as if he is speaking to him through a headset. As the conversation takes place, you are watching the action take place through a sort of heads up display reminiscent of your favorite first person shooting video game. I had a hard time avoiding the urge to compare these scenes to those of bad video game voice acting. I also got to the point where some of the violence was just a little too repetitive. It got to the point where I wasn’t just watching my friend play Call of Duty; but, I watching him play Call of Duty while he just ran around and melee killed everyone.

Aside from these negatives, I actually really loved the film. I know that it sounds like I was pretty annoyed; but, these annoyances are all pretty minor after you have taken in all of the sheer brutality of the film. This movie has absolutely amazing gore effects, completely enhanced by the fact that you are seeing them up close and personal. While watching this film, you will be closer to the splatter genre than you’ve ever been (and maybe ever wanted to be) in your life. It has some of the highest quality splatter effects, while also providing a film quality that looks like it has the highest budget of any splatter film ever.

So although it gets repetitive at times, the experimental nature of this film raises it above many similar films in my book. I have to give it a 4/5 because of the few annoyances I mentioned before. This means it is still a film that I would add to my collection if I were you. The problem with purchasing this film is the fact that it is pretty rare here in America. You may just have to man up and pay a little extra to get yourself a copy from Italy. The problem with this is that it may not be worth the extra cash unless you are a fan of the splatter genre. So for the collector, it is a great piece to have. For the splatter fan, it will quickly make its way onto your top ten list. For the run of the mill horror viewer, however, it may be a little out of your price range for a film that is just meant to gross you out. The regular reader of this blog, however, loves being grossed out. So if you are reading this and you are a fan of the most extreme and gory films ever made, this one will be perfect for you.


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