Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #10: Actress You Should Know


Do you know Debbie Rochon? Well The Horror Baby knows her, so maybe you do need to improve your deaducation. In choosing an actress category for this year’s challenge, it was difficult to get outside of the scream queen category. I wanted an actress that was a hero or a villain, not a victim. I wanted someone who had consistently appeared in horror films, but wasn’t necessarily a household name. Names like Sigourney Weaver come to mind as someone who embodies the strong female lead, but everyone knows her. Ellen Burstyn is probably the best actress to appear in horror films, but isn’t a horror icon by any means. So I chose Debbie Rochon for this category, because she represents the underground and independent areas of horror filmmaking.


Debbie Rochon has appeared in almost 250 films. All of them appear in the world of low-budget, independent, and cult cinema. She found major recognition after appearing in Tromeo and Juliet. She has gone on to appear in indie classics like Ryan Nicholson’s Hanger, Gregory Lamberson’s Slime City Massacre, and Lloyd Kaufman’s Terror Firmer. She is also a true success story. She has an amazing real-life story, where she has come through a rough past to find success in the world of film. So get deaducated, and find some of her movies. They are all over the place.


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