Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #9: The Best Actor Award Goes to Bill F-ing Moseley


This fucking guy right here is the man. Ever since I saw him as Chop Top in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, I have been completely disturbed by him. There was a Texas Chainsaw reunion last year at the Housecore Horror Film Festival, and I got up early to get one autograph…fucking Chop Top’s. I even bought his CD. Did you know he was in a band? They’re weird as hell, and probably exactly what you would expect from the weirdo that seems so comfortable in the skin of Chop Top Sawyer.


Aside from Chop Top, he has appeared in over 110 films. He is widely considered one of the ultimate horror film icons. He’s an all-star of sorts. This was made very apparent when he starred alongside numerous other all-stars in the Rob Zombie films House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. In fact, it is really his work as Otis in these films that gives him this award in my book. I think the character of Otis is one of the sickest and most twisted villains to ever hit the screen. He also has a few of my favorite lines in horror film history in The Devil’s Rejects. So although it is only the occasional internet rumor that he jokingly plays off, I think casting him as Charles Manson could be a role that would truly get him noticed. Some may think I’m going overboard; but, I think the role of Otis could be tweaked a little bit to become an academy award-winning role for Bill. Even if you think it’s laughable, stranger things have happened. Shit, Jamie Foxx was in Booty Call and now he is a Hollywood powerhouse. 

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