Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #8: Who is the Greatest Horror Director of Ever?


This is a difficult question because you need to think outside of genre specific directors. I did anyway. I was trying to find someone who could make anything in the horror realm and make it well. So my winner isn’t famous for only making zombie or slasher films for instance. My winner is an auteur. He writes, directs, and composes. He crosses genres and generations with his films. His films are important, well-made pieces of cinematic history. I am talking, of course, about John Carpenter. The biggest thing about Carpenter is the fact that he is not only multifaceted. He also really good at every facet of film that in which he gets involved.

Stay dead-ucated!


One thought on “Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #8: Who is the Greatest Horror Director of Ever?”

  1. I love Cronenberg, but I think I’ve got to agree with you – Carpenter is a master. I’ve got Prince Of Darkness, At The Mouth Of Madness, and the new BD release of Christine ready to go this season. I just recently watched Scream Factory’s BD release of The Fog, too. We watched The Thing at the last Movies At Dog Farm live event, and I trekked out to a drive-in last October for a special screening of Halloween. Carpenter’s movies are infinitely rewatchable.


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