Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #7: What’s Your Favorite Zombie Movie?


This is basically an impossible question for me to answer. I am a zombie fanatic. I always have been. So if you throw a zombie in any film, I will watch it. I love serious zombie films, cheesy ones, funny ones, zombie TV shows, zombie video games, zombie metal. and zombie comics.


So when I have to pick my favorite zombie film, it may change on a weekly basis.  I believe Dawn of the Dead is the best in regards to filmmaking. I think Hell of the Living Dead is the most fun to watch. I think City of the Living Dead has some of the best gore effects. I think Night of the Living Dead is the most important. I think Shaun of the Dead is the best comedy. So I made today’s decision based on the one I have watched the most and own in the most formats.


 As a zombie film, Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, has the most re-watchable qualities for me. It has so many scenes that blew my mind upon first viewing, and still have never managed to get stale in my eyes. The shark scene and the eyeball scene are two of my favorite scenes ever. I am also a big fan of the soundtrack, cover art, acting, and gore effects. It is just a straight-up well-rounded film. I own it on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, and if I ever see it on laser disc I’m getting that shit too.


3 thoughts on “Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #7: What’s Your Favorite Zombie Movie?”

  1. I probably own over 100 zombie films, and completely agree with you about Dawn and Night, though I reckon ‘Return’ tops ‘Shaun’ as a zombie comedy. The one zombie film I can watch again and again though is the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. I don’t think it’s the best or most important, but everything about it just clicks into place, and I love the atmosphere. That film just keeps drawing me back, and I make time every Halloween to rewatch it.


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