Deaducated Horror Challenge Day #6: The Most Memorable Boogeyman


This category comes from the need to transcend the genres I have listed for most of the days of my challenge. It isn’t just about a film type or an actor or actress. This one is about your favorite killer. Not just a serial killer, slasher, zombie, or ghost. It is about the most bad ass villain from your horror viewing career.


For me, that character is Freddy Krueger. He is my original childhood boogeyman. I think it was the concept behind his creation that made him absolutely terrifying for me. Stalking people in their sleep, they have no chance for escape. This gave me constant nightmares as a kid. He also has my favorite weapon of any horror character. That damn glove is so original and so recognizable, that it makes it impossible to deny Freddy the crown of most important horror movie killer of all time.  

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