Snuff 102 (2007) Film Review: Get Your Snuff Saturday Dead-ucation!


This is not quite your run-of-the-mill film from the snuff genre. When I think of this genre, I think of the slow scenes of dismemberment and mutilation that accompany the Guinea Pig films. I was pleasantly surprised that this film wasn’t just another American Guinea Pig or Flowers of Flesh and Blood. This film, instead, moves at a blistering pace. The kills are brutal and the effects are awesome. What makes the torture in this film seem even faster is the fact that it comes at you in quick scenes, interspersed throughout the story. Oh, and there’s that. This film has a story. It needs one too. Even though the story is also disturbing in itself, you need the cuts back and forth in time to give you a break from the insanity of the torture scenes.


It is the style of the cuts that I really appreciate in this film. It makes the viewer experience a little more than just a 70 minute murder scene. These cuts throw the viewer around in time, through numerous black and white scenes. These scenes are also shot in a grainy style, which enhances the uncomfortable nature of the film. The torture scenes are the ones that come at you in color. These scenes are devastatingly brutal. They are still grainy, and shown to us through an unsteady camera. This really makes sitting through the scenes of mutilation an absolutely dizzying experience.

The effects in this film are also really great, truly enhancing that dizzying experience previously mentioned. They are not always as realistic as certain aspects of torture films made in the past. For instance, if you watch some of the documentaries for the making of the original Guinea Pig films, they describe how they came up with a way to make the blood flow delayed in their prosthetic devices. This mimicked the real flow of blood out of the human body. This created a situation where the groundbreaking effects of that time period made viewers think that they were really watching someone be killed. (Or maybe it was just Charlie Sheen.) The only issue I had with the effects in this film was that there were a few scenes where the action that would make the scene seem more realistic happened outside of the camera shot. This still, however, does not make the film any less disturbing. In fact I am probably being a little bit nit-picky, and probably too critical for someone without any practical effects experience in my own life.


Aside from a couple issues with a couple scenes, the sheer brutality of this film ranks near the top of any list of films I have ever seen. The torture is just absolutely sickening. Even if you are in a mood where you are picky about the effects, the overall feeling of each scene is incredibly hard to ignore. It is also shot in my favorite, and highly effective, grainy quality that makes these types of films even more mentally destructive. Unlike Hostel, with HD blood and gore effects that give it a tinge of falseness, this film feels like something that you shouldn’t be watching. It even plays into the fact that these types of people and films could be found just by looking on the internet. The realistic nature of this storyline really makes the genuineness of the film stand out for me. It isn’t a high budget shocker, like Hostel, but feels much closer to that of an August Underground.

Before I get to my rating, you should know that I am not even a huge fan of this genre. I eventually just get around to these types of films and rarely purchase them at all. Even the ones that I do end up buying don’t get many re-watches from me. This one, however, is worth purchasing for me. If you are a fan of this genre, it is a must-own. For me, as a general horror collector and fair weather fan of the snuff genre, it is still worth the purchase. Some people would probably even buy certain releases just for the sick cover art displayed in this post.


So, two days ago I was going to rate this film at a 4/5. After thinking about it for two days, I feel like my opinion has slowly changed. You too, will think about this film for at least two days after the viewing. Most normal people will probably find themselves more disgusted by it the longer they think about it, bringing their score down. I, however, tend to be of the sicker variety in comparison to most film viewers.

To me, this movie gets better the more I think about it. The progression of the film is just lightning fast. The kills get more demented as the film comes to an end, and the effects get more impressive too. The music adds to the fast pace and the dark tone, leading you to a pretty twisted conclusion. This is by far one of the most brutal and disturbing movies I have ever seen, so I am actually going to give it a 5/5 for the gore hound in all of us.



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