Beyond the Grave (2010) Film Review: Genres…You Can’t Have Just One

Producer Isidoro B. Guggiana sent me this Brazilian-zombie-western-supernatural- action-horror-thriller. Guggiana represents Lockheart films, a South American production company specializing in supernatural films. This film is a strange and interesting ride through multiple horror genres. Here are my thoughts.


This film definitely has style. There are times where the surrealistic tone will make you feel like you are about to step into an alternate reality. It seems as if there are times where this sort of surrealism is paying a quick homage to Jodorowsky. Now, don’t take that as an invitation to watch this film if you are in the mood for an art house film like El Topo. Despite these moments of surrealism this film, at its core, is mostly a fast-paced action film, with some nice elements of violence and horror.

I enjoyed the pace of the film and the plot. It integrated many elements from popular film genres. The hyper-critical film viewer, however, may say that this film lacked focus. While I can see how the integration of numerous genres could be distracting for some people, it really didn’t bother me at all. I, for one, am a fan of films that attempt to pay homage to the films that came before. Once again, the more critical viewer I am talking about is probably the same type of person that is going to hate on the multiple plot elements of Pulp Fiction. The bottom line is that all films are borrowing from something in the filmmakers’ pasts. So I don’t think people should shy away from a film that wants to fit into four different genres. It is films like these that a true fan of film should give a fighting chance.

With films like Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead popularizing films that cross-over genres in horror, I think fans are going to start getting into this type of film. Transcending genre, after all, is the way new genres are created. So if you’re into serial killers, post-apocalyptic worlds, magic, and varying degrees of evil, you will want to check this out. You can see it for free, courtesy of Hulu, by going to the film’s IMDB page.

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