Maggie and Starve (2015) Film Reviews: Redbox Rundown #1


I really don’t get to the Redbox very often. I usually go there when I’m trying to watch classy films like The Piano. Over the past month I have watched whichever Academy Award films have come through; but, I don’t rush there every time there is a horror film released. The bottom line is that the horror selection is just downright weak. Occasionally great films like What We Do in the Shadows come out. You even get the ones that aren’t great but are at least watchable, like Burying the Ex. More often than not, however, you get a bunch of films that will only let you down, like Starve.

Maggie is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s PG-13 rated zombie-ish film. I, for one, have been sick of Arnold for years. I have also been sick of the PG-13 rated horror film for my entire life. So this film, was a double let-down from the good old Redbox. It isn’t a poorly made film, it just isn’t what this particular viewer is looking for.

The film has good ideas. It looks nice and actually has some pretty good acting. Even Arnold acts, and does pretty well for Arnold. The film also looks at the zombie outbreak film from a different point of view. It deals with a slow-moving plague and the effect it has on a single family. It has an ominous tone and haunting music. It just isn’t one that I am going to rush out and buy. Now I will probably eventually own it, because someday I will find it in a pawn shop for a buck.

For the reader of this site and common horror viewer, this film is worth checking out for the price of a Redbox rental. I wouldn’t be spending any more than two dollars to see it though. Most zombie freaks will see it no matter what, and many of us will buy it when we find it for the right price. The regular film fan will want to see this because it is a cool take on the zombie genre. For this classic zombie fan and lover of extreme gore, however, this film was just too slow. It was like one of those boring episodes of The Walking Dead where they try to be stylized and/or focus on characterization. I will still give it a 3/5 based on the quality of filmmaking and originality. It is worth seeing if it’s cheap, and you are curious. It will probably only be a let down for the fan of Romero and Fulci though.



So if Maggie is a let-down because it is symbolic of the softening of a genre, this film is a let-down because it is symbolic of greedy studios that are rushing their films into the Redbox to make a buck here and there. This film is the prime example of one you have never heard of before, and will probably go nowhere after it leaves the Redbox. I don’t like being negative about films. I just look at the Redbox selection and feel like some of the companies just aren’t trying anymore.

The director himself, has a background in those terrible SyFy creature films. You know, the ones that all of us watch for a good laugh once in a while. He seems to be making a pretty damn good living in an industry in which I could only dream of working. He probably has a great time making these films too. I just feel like this is a very SyFy channel type horror film. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the price of a Redbox rental. You may find yourself bored enough to watch it one day. I just can’t get into it. It is films like these that show me that some production companies are just out there to make as many stale films with overused plots as fast as they can.

Again, I am not some jealous keyboard jockey or over-intelligent film snob. I bet the people involved with this film really had a good time making it. It even has some production value. As a horror film, I just wish they could have done something new. Whether it be more creative kills or some kind of twist in the plot, this film could have had something that may have set it apart from the rest. I am still going to give it a 2/5. It isn’t great and I wouldn’t buy it; but, there are still way worse films out there.



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