The Devil of Kreuzberg (2015) Film Review: Support German Indie Horror

The Devil of Kreuzberg 2

Linda and Jakob are happily in love. Until one night, Jakob begins to have horrific nightmares in which Linda appears as a darkly seductive creature. Tormented by these visions, Jakob asks his best friend Kurt to murder Linda for him, thus beginning a slow descent into madness. Unbeknownst to the two men, Linda is acting under the control of an ancient family curse. Will her love for Jakob overcome the powers of death? Will Kurt give in to his violent urges and kill to protect his friendship? Is there a way to escape the Devil of Kreuzberg?

The Devil of Kreuzberg
This is the first European indie film reviewed for this website. Directed by Alexander Bakshaev and shot in Berlin, it gives the American viewer a dreamy journey through foreign territory. It falls somewhere between a short and a feature, with a running time of about fifty minutes. Since this film came to fruition on such a small budget, the viewer must prepare themselves for a film that they may not regard as fully polished at times. I, however, strongly believe that this movie does a great job delivering on its small budget.
The film opens with a strange dance scene while the credits roll. Sadly this is not the only dance scene, and the next one is awkward and absurd. I did feel, however, as if the second dance sequence may have had a subtle humor to it that I probably lost in the translation. These are two scenes that really dragged on for me. They slowed the film down enough, where I was a little annoyed. At one point, I began feeling like the felt long at 50 minutes. Luckily, this feeling did not stay with me throughout the entire film.The last half is actually really good. It will make you forget the minor issues you may have with the first half.
The bottom line is that this film is different from other films on this site. This movie is not full of the amount of violence, gore, and nudity of which the normal reader of this website is accustomed. In fact, this film may move to slow for the fans of the 1,000 MPH slasher films normally reviewed on this site. This film just speaks to  a different viewer, or perhaps the viewer that can go beyond their comfort zone in regards to genre. I, for one, am a fan of all film. Therefore, the dreamy feel that this film gives me is a nice change of pace. It is a quietly haunting film. It has small amounts of dialogue and an above average soundtrack. It is subtly shot, and pretty well acted. At times, I got an art house vibe from this film. I really liked how the city scenes looked. They gave me a view of the underbelly of a new city that I had never seen before. These night-time shots and the style of the direction ended up being my favorite parts of the film. It is a nice looking movie if you are looking for something outside of the world of extreme cinema and brutal gore. It has a haunting story with at least two pretty memorable characters. I would definitely recommend checking out this indie film.

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