Headless (2015) Film Review: Extreme Gore, Brutal Violence, and Sexual Depravity Galore


Headless is the real movie version of the fake movie seen in Found, that is pretending it’s real movie from 1978, but was really released in 2015. It is an incredibly offensive shit-storm of gore, sexual depravity, and intense violence. Upon viewing the opening sequence, the squeamish viewer will probably just want to turn the film off altogether. The gore fiend, however, will be completely intrigued.


Whether or not you have seen the film Found, this film will have you hooked from the start. If you have seen Found you will know what you’re getting into; but if you haven’t, this may end up being one of the most shocking films you’ve ever seen. The best part about this film is the fact that it really doesn’t matter if you’ve seen Found or not. Either way, this is a slasher flick that will surely make you squirm. I felt like I was fully prepared to see this after watching Found. I really didn’t  think it would be able to show me anything new. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that this film managed to take Found to the next level.

This film opens with a scene of grotesque brutality that will stay in your head days after the viewing. It is a good old-fashioned horror scene involving decapitation, followed by some eyeball eating, and finishing off with some very dirty sexual gratification. By the time you are thirty minutes into this film, you will have seen more machete raping, skull fucking, and cannibalism than you may have seen in your entire life.

This film is tough to categorize. All I can say is that it is extreme. There are elements of all of the slasher, splatter, and various exploitation sub-genres. It, however, knows what it is. It is an experiment in high quality gore effects, shocking imagery, and pushing the limits of every cinematic extreme of which you can think.


The best thing about this movie is that it accomplishes everything it sets out do. It claims to be a lost slasher from 1978. The filmmakers did a great job of making it look and sound like a film from that time period. The settings, dialogue, and music all had a nice retro feel. The grainy picture made it feel as if you really had discovered a lost film reel. The movie even had a comedic retro throwback quality that I truly enjoyed. It is similar to the techniques used in films like The House of the Devil and Gutterballs. These retro film-making and soundtrack decisions do a great thing for the older film fan looking for that old cinematic feel.

The gore in this film is also done incredibly well. It is inventive, yet realistic. This movie had a successful crowd funding campaign, but still had to get creative with their budget. After all, it’s only the sickos that saw Found and thought to themselves, “Headless should be a real movie,” that donated to the film in the first place. So we got what we asked for. We got an insanely gory film with extreme violence that only we would appreciate.

If you have seen any of the films I have rated highly on this site, and also liked them, this movie is probably for you. Even if you have seen Gutterballs, August Underground, or American Guinea Pig this film will still manage to give you stuff you’ve  never seen before. You will develop a great respect for the sick minds that made this film. They are obviously students of the obscene. They are also very good at putting their talents towards one upping the very films in which they studied. Sometimes I feel like I could make a pretty messed up film. Then I see stuff like this and I know I need to leave it up to the pros.

This film gets an easy 5 out of 5:


Stay dead-ucated!


One thought on “Headless (2015) Film Review: Extreme Gore, Brutal Violence, and Sexual Depravity Galore”

  1. I bought the Found dvd after its big release and had heard about the short film. I watched it and was blown away!!! Then I heard the short was getting made into a full length movie! Even better! Headless is in your face, unapologetic, and brutal. If you are looking for a predictable, “I know how this will end” kind a movie then this is certainly not for you! The characters are intriguing and “The boy” is the creepiest thing I have seen in a long time. I loved him!!! Buy this movies ASAP! It’s a must have for any serious horror collector and lover!!!!


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