Rush Week (1989) Film Review: Finally, A Weak Eighties Slasher


By purchasing this film, I was completely fooled by the fact that it was a fairly rare slasher that I had never seen. By the end of the film, I felt like it should have been re-titled Rush Weak. Over the past few months, I have had great luck with films like The Prowler, My Bloody Valentine, and A Blade in the Dark. These films get overlooked by some, but are hidden gems in my eyes. The really hard to find films like Dreamaniac, Headless Eyes, and Necropolis have also been very good to me. These films get overlooked by almost everyone, and definitely deserve your time and money if you can find them.

Unlike the other films mentioned, Rush Week is rare for good reason. It just isn’t good. It is hardly a slasher; it had few kills and almost no blood. It does not hesitate to claim that it is something it is not. I bought it on Laserdisc, thinking I had struck gold. I now know that I will never sell it, because no one wants it. It calls itself “a shocking thriller with a memorable ending”. I was neither shocked nor thrilled, and the ending was predictable as hell.


I am so pissed at this movie. It passes itself off as a cool film about a college campus bloodbath. It, however, has absolutely nothing that stands out. It attempts to hold the viewer’s attention by having plenty of hot naked chicks. Sadly, that is all it really has. It is full of douchebag frat guys that are blatantly annoying. The leader of the douchebags is also a total asshole. I guess it is because they are using him as a red herring. The problem with him is the fact that you really want him to die or be the killer. Instead, despite a million character flaws, he gets the girl and saves the day.

You would also think that a film with this much nudity would embrace its genre and have tons of gore. Instead, it has almost no gore whatsoever. Sadly, this film does nothing but let you down again and again. I am really hoping that I purchased a made for TV cut, and there is a cooler version out there. I am not going to kill myself looking for it though. It strangely had an ending that reminded me of the Scream films. I would find it hard to believe that they were thinking about this film as an inspiration for Scream, unless they were making fun of it. Knowing the Scream franchise, this is an entirely plausible theory.

In the end, I really only liked the lead actress in this film. Pamela Ludwig was good. She also reminded me a little of Rose McGowan, whom I actually really like. With that being said, it is only on rare occasion that I write bad reviews. Unfortunately this is one of those reviews. This movie just merits a warning for the viewer. It is not what you think it will be. It is a quintessential example of false advertising. I give it a 1 out of 5 and urge the reader to avoid purchasing it in any format. It is hardly worth watching for free if you find it on a streaming service. If you want it though, the pic below will take you to Amazon.



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