Bob Moricz Triple Film Review: John Waters on Acid


Continuing my promise to review anything sent to me, I have finally got to the films of Bob Moricz. He sent me a few DVDs consisting of shorts and full length films. Goulash Gutter, pictured above, is an anthology of short films. It is a good place to start when getting into Moricz’s films. It will get you ready for the insane imagery that fills all of his work.

The shorts all tend to deal with an individual character. Each character also has a hint of depravity in their lives. This depravity is also shown through the film-making. Moricz does a great job of making his sets personify the insanity going on in his characters’ lives. While watching these films, I felt like I was watching something that John Waters would have done in his early days. Even the beach party era music and overacting was reminiscent of the retro film-making that Waters employed in his films. Moricz also took this style and ran with it in his longer films.


Overdose in the Hospital of Love is about an hour-long. It is one of the craziest looking movies I have ever seen. It looks like it would be at home on Adult Swim. So if you are a fan of the midnight movie (or cartoon), full of random scenes of absurd situations and awesome darkly comedic dialogue, you will have a great time with this movie. I know I did. This film is like taking a South Park episode, adding the raunchy style of John Waters, and dropping in some LSD.

The visual style in this film was very refreshing for me. Granted it is an incredibly strange-looking film; but, this strangeness was intriguing to me. I can hardly describe it, but the picture above does a pretty good job. Just look at the film’s cover for a moment and imagine looking at that for an hour. It will make some viewers completely insane, and it probably needs a seizure warning before the opening credits. I feel like this film may have even given me ADD. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I now have ADD, but I really loved watching it.


With a theme song reminiscent of The Kids in the Hall theme, Palace of Stains instantly caught my attention. This film looks a lot different from Overdose in the Hospital of Love. It doesn’t have the tripped out backgrounds. It has real settings and it’s shot in digital quality. It still has a very retro soundtrack and cheesy characters. It is not as funny, but has more of a story-line.

I enjoyed Palace of Stains for many of the same reasons I enjoyed the short films. It had detestable characters. Full of degenerate qualities and deranged characteristics, the characters made me feel like I was at a family reunion. It is also hilariously raunchy and fun to watch. I did not, however, like it as much as Overdose in the Hospital of Love. I just feel like as a film, Overdose in the Hospital of Love was more original. Despite the fact that Palace of Stains is probably what most would consider a more polished and mature piece of work, I loved the cheapness of Overdose in the Hospital of Love. They are both great examples of quality independent film-making, but I have to rank them in some way. So if I have to choose a film to recommend to someone that I can guarantee is unlike anything they’ve seen before, I’m telling them to watch Overdose in the Hospital of Love.

Check out his Etsy store or search for him on Twitter. This is just a preview of his work. He has a lot more where this came from. In fact, I still have one more film to watch. But now I have ADD, so I don’t know when I will watch it.

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