Ice From the Sun (1999) Film Review: Vultra Video Review Series #4


Directed by Eric Stanze, this film had an awesome small release done by Vultra Video. My copy is one of fifty released, and it’s director and star of the film. Once again, the perks involved with shelling out the extra cash for a Vultra are totally worth it. They almost all come with autographs, or posters, or other cool collectibles. They are definitely one of a kind items.


Before watching this film, I was instantly intrigued by the title. This is an inventive work. In fact, it has some pretty bad critic reviews on IMDB. Some say that it is full of film school and art house clichés; and while they are right to a certain extent, I appreciate some experimentation from my filmmakers.

This films starts out with AD/HD infused credits. It is a long sequence with cool music and tons of cuts. There is so much going on, that you may worry about whether you even know what the film is about. Thankfully, as the story moves on, you realize that it really isn’t that difficult to follow. It does, however, mix plot elements from the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. Since they are all thrown at you at once, you may have trouble figuring out what genre you’re watching at first. Once you get past the initial confusion, however, this film does not disappoint.

Like many early indie films the director had some sub-par actors; but, they were only minimally distracting. The film’s look and sound completely overshadow the weak acting. I couldn’t look away from this film. There was always something visually insane going on, which kept me glued to the TV. It was also pretty long and I hardly even noticed. By the time it was over, I wanted more. I feel like I am probably be in the minority with my opinion of this film based on IMDB reviews. I also know, that I disagree with so many of those reviews that I hardly bother reading them anymore. I appreciate weird, loud, and experimental film-making. I also like movies that are a little confusing. I am always intrigued by a filmmaker that has the balls to put something out there that only they may fully understand. The bottom line is that this is my favorite Vultra release so far. It is ballsy, experimental, and something that you will think about for a long time after viewing.


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