Famine (2011) Film Review: Vultra Review Series #3


Somewhere between Gutterballs and Collar, Ryan Nicholson created a high school slasher called Famine. This film is full of sexual innuendo, from the name of the school to the name of the teachers. It has many silly moments and some ridiculous acting. I have found that many of his films have at least one character that I can’t stand. This one, however, has a couple. The silliness of his films really doesn’t bother me though. Even though he crosses the line from silliness to absurdity at times, I watch his movies for the brutal kills and excellent gore effects. Oh yeah, the girls are pretty hot too.


Compared to the other Vultra reviews I have done, this film is a little more polished. It was also made later in the director’s career; therefore, it just looks better than some of the other films in this series of reviews. Compared to other Nicholson films, the kills are still awesome but not quite as imaginative. The reason Gutterballs stands out is the fact that there were tons of original ways to kill in a bowling alley. This high school, apparently, didn’t have enough danger within its walls. In regards to the soundtrack, songs not score, I thought this one really stood out. It had some cool dark metal that I could definitely appreciate.

So although this isn’t in my top three of Nicholson films, it is in my top three Vultra releases. Be aware, that I’ve only seen five Vultras and six of Nicholson’s films, so this is an opinion that is subject to change. I still recommend this to any VHS collector if they can get their hands on it. It us also highly recommended for fans of slasher films or straight up Plotdigger freaks.



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