The Necro Files (1997) Film Review: Vultra Video Review Series #1


This was my first viewing of a Vultra Video. I have seen films that eventually had Vultra releases, (American Guinea Pig, Collar, and Hanger) but this was my first VHS. I have recently purchased a bunch of films from this company, and plan on doing short reviews for each film. Most of them are extremely hard to find so a lengthy review may not be worth your time. I do, however, want to support indie horror by introducing you to new films, filmmakers, and distributors. First up is The Necro Files.


This movie is so freakin’ weird. I loved it. Directed by Matt Jaissle it has some pretty impressive moments for such a low-budget film. One part Nekromantik, one part X-Files, this movie will stick with you for a while. The short introduction from the director, before the film, explains that his goal was to think of the craziest stuff possible and film it. Meant to shock and offend, this film definitely fulfilled its goal.

The acting is absolutely terrible, but it has points where it is so bad it’s good. For instance, the two detectives may have some of the poorest and most over exaggerated scenes ever. They also, however, deliver their lines with so much intensity that they are absolutely hilarious. Reminiscent of the acting in Dreamaniac, these actors are not bad in an annoying way. They are bad in a comedic and memorable fashion that you will truly enjoy.

So if you’re looking for a film where a zombie baby has an apocalyptic battle with a zombie rapist, this film is for you. It has great gore and weird sex, sometimes both at the same time. This is a very cool film, and a great way to start my Vultra Video series of film reviews. You can also find other films from director Matt Jaissle on IMDB.

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