My Bloody Valentine (1981 and 2009) Double Film Review: Original vs Remake


I watched the original My Bloody Valentine on an out of print Blu-ray edition. With this version, you can watch all of the extended footage where it took place in the film. This is must have footage when watching this film because it extends the kills and the gore. Since that’s what slashers are all about, it is imperative that you see everything. This is a very hard version of the film to see, so my review is a bit lopsided when compared to the more readily available cut version of the film. I found this Blu-ray at a pawn shop, so they are out there. So if you can find this version of My Bloody Valentine,you have to buy it. You aren’t just getting it for the rarity, but for the fact that it will greatly improve your overall impression of the film. In the following review, I will give you a rating for both versions of the original film, as well as the 2009 remake.


My Bloody Valentine came out at the height of the slasher film. Overshadowed a bit by some of the bigger films of the era, it still appears on the lists of many horror connoisseurs. It isn’t as overlooked as The Prowler or A Blade in the Dark; but, it is probably one of which the younger reader of this site is not aware. This film placed the teenage slasher genre in the setting of mining country. A place where salt of the earth workers slaved throughout the day in conditions that would turn most of us into serial killers.

I really liked this film. I feel like the kills and gore effects were torturous to say the least. For the time period, they were definitely breaking ground in just how far a horror film could go in regards to violence and brutality. I also love the twist they used in uncovering the killer in the end. There was the red herring character, who came into town conveniently in time for the killings to begin. I was glad to see that the writers didn’t take the easy way out for this film’s ending, and used a red herring for what it was designed to do. I also really appreciated the way they opened the film up for a sequel in the end. In fact, I kinda wish they would have continued that story-line into the new film instead of doing a complete remake.

The problem with rating this film is the fact that my awesome Blu-ray edition makes this a way better film than the original. You can tell when watching my version of the film, when the extended footage is occurring. Suddenly the picture goes grainy, which is mildly distracting at first, but this is footage that gives you the gore you won’t see in the cut version. I can tell you with confidence, that this version of the film is a must find film for the fan and collector. The extended kills make the film so gratifying, that you will overlook that really annoying character that is there for comic relief; but, he’s really just annoying as hell.

I give my special version a 5/5, while the original would really only get a 4/5:


Buy it here:

imagePatrick Lussier directed the remake of My Bloody Valentine. He has directed sequels in The Prophecy, Dracula, and White Noise series. His most recent film was Drive Angry, with Nicolas Cage and the insanely hot Amber Heard. The director also worked with writer Todd Farmer on both Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine. Todd Farmer also wrote the widely hated, which I didn’t mind at all, Jason X. I thought there were at least two other Jason movies that were worse than Jason X, but that is another review for another day.

This remake came out in 2009. The DVD I own has both the 2D and 3D versions of the film. I don’t think 3D films are that big of a deal, but I love watching them in 2D and looking for the scenes that were blatantly filmed for the 3D theater experience. Aside from trying to revamp the already gimmicky 3D format, this film was also another attempt to capitalize on the remake of yet another horror film. The refreshing part about this film is that it is actually a pretty damn good remake.

The kills in this films are awesome. Due to the changing times, of course, the brutality of the kills in this film were sequences that you could only see in the extended version of the original film. The blood flowed freely in this film. There were more kills and the film was a hell of a lot darker. I credit this to the writer and director. They made this a very fast paced slasher. They used lots of darkness and created an ominous tone throughout. The killer was also more menacing. He seemed bigger, angrier, and scarier than the one in the original.

I had issues in the acting and plot at certain points in this film. They kept most of the original story-line, but lacked an imaginative ending. That is why I would have preferred this film just be a sequel, taking place years later. It would have given the original killer time to perfect his craft and become the more menacing killer that was in this film. He was pretty young in the original, so he would have been bigger and stronger by then too. Other areas of the plot that annoyed me were that they spent a little too much time on the love triangle. They also seemed to delay the reveal of the killer for a little too long. It was as if they began to stall a bit towards the end of the film. These cons, however, do not detract from the fact that this is a really good remake. If I’m rating this film against other slashers and other remakes, I probably have to put it near my top five horror remakes.

This one gets a 4/5 and it’s pretty cheap; click below to check it out. Cinema-Freddy-Krueger-iconCinema-Horror-2-iconmichael-myers-iconscream-icon


6 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine (1981 and 2009) Double Film Review: Original vs Remake”

  1. I agree with your review on all counts. It tickles me to death to be able to say that I saw both the original and the remake theatrically, and both are solid slashers. I hope you won’t take offense if I share one of my earliest posts from the Dog Farm about the original…


  2. It’s been ages since I saw the remake but I think the shoddy 3D sequences just ruined it for me
    When that pickaxe flies towards the screen…ugh…
    That being said, if you’re so enthusiastic about it then I’ll give it another shot!
    After all I was about 15 when I watched it the first time…so hardly a well-informed film critic (not that I am now either)


  3. I’m a fan of both of these as well. I did see the remake theatrically in 3D and it added to the experience for me. I do have to admit, the pickaxe in the windshield isn’t as “fun” at home as it was on the big screen though.

    Also, Jason X gets far too much hate. I think it’s a blast!


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