Billy Club (2015) Film Review: Finally, a Baseball Slasher!


I can’t think of any baseball slashers off of the top of my head. (If you know of any, let me know in the comments below.) So this is obviously the first slasher film I can say I have seen that involves baseball. It focuses on players in a small town, that come together fifteen years after a tragic incident involving their coach and teammates. I couldn’t help myself from thinking about what would have happened if things went terribly wrong in The Sandlot. Well, maybe this film would have become the craziest sequel to a kids movie ever made. So this film has been showing up in my recommended Amazon feed for months; but, up until now, I couldn’t justify purchasing it. With my recent success on Amazon Instant Video, however, I was glad to see this film show up for a free stream. Most of the films that I’ve been raving about lately on Amazon have been older: New Years Evil, Madman, and Rape Squad. So I was a  little nervous about trying out the films they carried that were more modern.


Written and directed by Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, this is a modern slasher that will not disappoint. This film takes parts of your favorite comedies, slashers, and coming of age tales and comes up with a highly entertaining horror/mystery film. It centers around members of a little league baseball team that reunite in their small town, fifteen years after the murder of their coach and teammates. The film does a nice job of flashing back and giving a slow reveal of the characters’ motives in their present situations. Although, the killer’s identity was no surprise to me, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t let down by this lack of a twist. I actually cared about these characters. Even though the killer was predictable, I still had mixed feelings about his demise in the end.


As a slasher film, the kills must be broken down. The positive aspects about this film’s kills are the fact that there are plenty of them. Most of them are pretty standard kills; however, one will stand out as overly brutal in the eyes of most slasher fans. I also thought that his baseball bat was an awesome weapon . It was the one of the most versatile weapons I have ever seen in a slasher film. I usually don’t get too hooked on the killer’s weapon, but these filmmakers really sat down and thought about how many things could be done to a bat to make it the most brutal weapon possible. The cons with the kills are really just the fact that they aren’t gory enough. Slasher films today have a ton of competition. They have to go beyond the brutality of the kills of their predecessors. These kills didn’t go beyond, but they were solid nonetheless.

The characters, story, and acting were all a little above average. I thought the actors did a good job, they never got too annoying and they made you care about them. They all had moments of weakness that humanized them, and really made you care about how things turned out for them. The story unfolds with a nice balance of horror and comedy. It has a nice mystery that unfolds at the perfect pace, taking you down to the last minutes. I also, in case you haven’t noticed by now, love the fact that it centered around baseball. Baseball related kills, jokes, and flashbacks helped me to have a really good time with this modern-day slasher.

Rating 4/5:

Cinema-Horror-2-icon Cinema-Freddy-Krueger-icon scream-icon zombie-icon

This is a rating urging everyone to see the film. It is free on Amazon Instant Video. If you are a slasher fanatic, this is a film you want to purchase. Click the Amazon link below to buy it:

Stay dead-ucated!


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