New Rating System: 17 Reviews In One?!?!?


I need to change the rating system on this site so it is closer to the criteria with which I review the films. I will be basing my new system on overall quality, comparison within the film’s sub-genre, and whether it is worth the money to add it to your collection. This means I can do it out of 5 instead of out of ten. This simplifies the explanation of why a film deserves a 6 or 7. Since differences between these scores are minuscule and can change on a day-to-day basis, I hope this new way provides more consistency. I will explain the system below. I will also give examples of films, linked to my reviews, that fall into each category. 


5 out of 5 means this is a film that everyone should see. It is a classic film that carries a great significance in the film world. These are must-own films for me.

wpid-29d70e0f-e4bb-456f-b04d-ee044b02ff84.png   wpid-6420bbeb-0918-4a70-9557-177e62bb2ef9.png   wpid-220px-gutterballs2008.jpg  wpid-image-1.jpg.jpeg


4 out of 5 is a highly recommended film. I would buy it if it was a film in my favorite genre, or as a movie collector in general.

wpid-c360702c-00f4-47fd-b2c6-5c6931ea7d80.png  wpid-c87750c5-6cc9-44ff-a9f1-791a88919fa0.png  wpid-58bcbf80-d7e8-461c-986a-0347c6bf77a6.png  wpid-20150512_174444.jpg  wpid-image.jpg


3 out of 5 is a film worth checking out. It may be a film you don’t care to see if it falls outside of your favorite genres. These are films I would buy for the right price, but aren’t priority purchases.

wpid-wp-1429395408548.jpeg  wpid-a2d99f29-eb20-40ca-8fc3-a10126625228.png   wpid-c7c62ffa-be28-4039-b778-befc4aaf840d.png


2 out of 5 is getting into the avoidable. I would probably only watch these films if they were available for free streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc..

wpid-img_20150430_162753.jpg  wpid-wp-1429395524883.jpeg  wpid-99201667-b06c-4ed8-8fa2-6c7acede1bfd.png


1 out of 5 gets the knife. You may want to use it on yourself before the movie is even over. These are the films that you shouldn’t buy or stream. The filmmakers should pay you to watch these movies.

wpid-ce674370-605c-453a-9025-8b853158ad6a.png  wpid-8167f040-fa2b-48e3-8d79-183e2cc33835.png


2 thoughts on “New Rating System: 17 Reviews In One?!?!?”

  1. I love the little horror emojis! Adorable!
    What did you think of the Sacrament overall?
    I’m really intrigued to watch it but was under the impression that it was more of a documentary/biopic than a horror movie
    That being said, what it’s based off of is pretty darn horrific so I could see how it lends itself to the genre


    1. I really liked it. It’s a fictionalized documentary/biopic, if that makes sense. It’s dark , creepy, and pretty suspenseful. It deals more with the psychological aspects of horror. That will all make more sense when you see it.

      Liked by 1 person

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