Black Christmas (2006) Film Review: Not a Terrible Remake


Back in 2006 a bunch of young girls we grew up with on family TV, played in a horror remake. Perhaps it was to show that they were all grown up. Maybe it was a way to show they could still get work. Or maybe they really thought this film would keep them around long enough to get them to the next level. Katie Cassidy, who is now on Arrow, played in 7th Heaven before landing her role in Black Christmas. Michelle Trachtenberg was all over Nickelodeon in the nineties and was most known for playing Harriet the Spy, before getting “old” and playing in this horror film. Finally Lacey Chabert did tons of cartoon voice work and was most known for her role in Party of Five before playing in Black Christmas. All three actresses still have plenty of work ahead of them and all have current projects. I can’t say I followed them closely back in the day, nor do I today; but, it is always good to see child stars grow into careers and not disappear into obscurity. I don’t think this movie was bad enough to ruin their careers either. I actually didn’t mind it at all, and here’s why…

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The mid 2000’s was a bleak time for horror films. It was for mainstream horror anyway. There were tons of weak remakes, new imaginings of Japanese films, and every “new” vision was toned down for the pop culture audience. There were also tons of movies coming out PG-13 ratings. The director of this film only directed the remake for Willard and this remake. He did, however, write The X-Files, The Commish, Millenium, Final Destination, and Final Destination 3. This is a pretty good resume for a writer, and while he is still working in the TV world, I will remember him for making a remake that was actually okay. Keep in mind that many of the complaints I just listed are still the main complaints with Hollywood backed horror films today. The films with the bigger budgets will always be tame, because their producers are only thinking of the broadest audience and the biggest ticket sales. The good thing about today’s internet world is the fact that the little guy can get his stuff out there a little easier. This means we don’t necessarily have to have pop culture crap forced down our throats. There is plenty of stuff out there, you just need to know where to look.


Even though this was a horror film that tried to sell itself to people who wanted to see these child stars grown up, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, it still had weak plot and pretty predictable dialogue. I don’t even remember the characters’ names. The script could have said, “Hot Girl 1 turns to Hot Girl Two, while Hot Girl 3 complains about her boyfriend,” for all I know. And in a way I’m okay with that. Once again, I look to the time period of the film. I’m comparing it to tons of garbage released during the time period. I am also looking at it as a slasher film, so cool kills can go a long way in that respect.

I give this film a 5/10 and would tell you that it’s worth watching if this is your genre. There isn’t much style involved when it comes to direction or music. It even starts to drag half-way through, which is not good for a film that isn’t that long to begin with. I think I liked this film because of the eye gouging and eyeball eating. I’m a sucker for that type of kill, but even that got boring when it became painfully repetitive. I also liked that they didn’t go the CGI route, which was becoming very noticeable around this time period.

Oh yeah, the original film also has a Blu-ray release. Check it out and compare the two.

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