Starry Eyes (2014) Film Review: Black Swan Meets Satan


For a Netflix movie that you’ve never heard of, this one is pretty good. Now if you are in horror circles, you may have at least heard of it. It has, after all, been getting some decent reviews. You just need to know where to find the reviews, and this is one of those places.

When I posted my #NowWatching pic on Instagram for this film, I was met with hit and miss comments. One person said it was great. The next person said it was boring as hell until the last twenty minutes. This is a pretty common theme on my Instagram page though. People have very different preferences in the horror world. The Babadook, for instance, was insanely polarizing on my IG. Half the people said it was the best film of the year, while the other half said it was the most overrated of the year. I have a feeling, as more people watch Starry Eyes, similar results will come about. I understand that people have a natural tendency to overexaggerate. But most of the time, I think they’re just being dicks because they have a certain amount of anonymity on the internet.

You will find that my reviews don’t go to such extremes when rating films. In fact, I can already tell you that most of my reviews will fall somewhere between 4 and 8 out of 10 (Sometimes, this makes me wonder if I should just go to a five star rating system). I am going to do this because I will rarely bother writing about a film that I hate. I’m also rarely going to write about amazing films that everyone already knows are amazing, like Dawn of the Dead. I want to, for the most part, eliminate the outliers on this site and find different films for different people.

So, back to Starry Eyes. All of the extremists on my IG page were right in their own way. It was a little boring early on. It had the predictable actress working in a restaurant while waiting for her big break in Hollywood plot. Of course, she had prettier girls to compete with, while also dealing with fake friends and perverted directors. Of course, the second she got a job offer, everyone thought she had to blow someone to get it. Oh wait, she kinda did. It wasn’t exactly that simple, her sacrifice was for fame was pretty extreme. It was similar to that of Faust in which a deal with the devil leads to more than a mere mortal can handle.

The last thirty minutes, like another IG friend said, is awesome. When the killing starts in this film it is quick, intense, graphic, and just brutal as hell. It even comes with a twist on the stereotypical ending of such a film, where our protagonist actually seems pretty happy with the deal she has made. I like it when the bad guy wins; but, I love it when the seemingly innocent become corrupted. The ending also has a very cool and surreal feeling that creates a calm after the bloodshed and helps you to forget how bored you were in the first half.

With all of that being said, I hope I gave you the pros and cons without giving too much away. In the end, I would give this film a 7/10. The bland actors made the first half boring and probably brought this film down from an 8. It is still, however, really damn good for a Netflix movie. So if you can get it, watch it.


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