Collar (2014) Film Review: Drenched in Gore

Horror/exploitation film review
Collar Film Poster

An important part of running a blog is finding things that my readers probably haven’t seen yet. Although I also believe I need to save you time by reviewing things on Netflix that are readily available, I still believe that if you are reading this blog you will appreciate films from the underground. If you are reading this, you probably also have a myriad of strange cinematic tastes of which I have the responsibility to help you feed.

In finding this film, I believe I have done just that. This film, by Ryan Nicholson, has recently been released by Unearthed Films. The director has worked in many areas of film that span from network TV shows like Supernatural to the bloodiest of independent horror films like Gutterballs. Throughout his varied career he has worked in special effects, music, writing, and directing. His ventures in horror seem to be a culmination of all of this work, as he has begun to create works over which he has complete control.

Starring Nick Principe, from The Summer of Massacre, this film centers around homeless bums, prostitutes, and degenerate teenagers. In the midst of all of these insane characters is a lesbian police officer who is about to have the worst day of the rest of her life. Principe plays a disturbed street dweller who preys on victims that have been ignored by the society around them. He is a massive, frightening, character who partakes in satanic rituals and torture. When he is not cutting himself with glass and punishing his body in other ways, he is eviscerating his victims in numerous brutal scenes of agonizing torture. He goes as far as playing with their organs and even eating out of their fresh wounds. He is a rapist and a murderer, who is one day spotted by two idiots who decide it would be better to film him in action than report him to the police. They think it will be their way to internet fame, putting bum fights to shame by filming their own private snuff films with their cell phones.

This film speaks to the naturally violent and insane society in which we live. It makes you question the moral lengths people will go to for the almighty dollar. The scenes of violence will leave you shaken well after seeing this film. But there is more to it than that. It is shot in the dark, with orange and red light to add a sense of impending doom around every corner. It also has an effective soundtrack, that keeps the mood tense throughout. The more I think about this film the more I like it. I was deeply disturbed at times, but the more I think about it, the more I think it has affected me on different levels. The gore and effects are amazing, so if you are looking for that, you will love the film. If you love music and cinematography, you will like it even more. Last night, I thought I would give the movie a 7; but, the more I think about it, the higher I think I should rate it. I am now thinking it deserves at least an 8. This movie is insanely dark and really sticking in my mind. The acting isn’t great, but it never really is in horror films. That knocks it down a little; however, the ending has a few of the most violent and realistic scenes of brutality that you may ever see. And that definitely brings it up. The bottom line is that I’m pretty impressed by an indie film that did everything with their budget imaginable. The realistic effects and quality of the film make it seem like it had more of a budget than it really had.They made a film that was better than I expected and I suspect you will think it was better than you imagined as well.

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