Why Does Everyone Hate Rob Zombie?: My Opinion in One Minute


I guess I understand both sides of the argument. I just feel like lately people have been hating on him recently because it’s been the cool thing to do. I loved House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. I was a little put off by the Halloween films, but didn’t hate them…okay I hated the second one. I even thought there were a couple memorable scenes in Lords of Salem, even though it is probably his weakest film to date. When it comes to the originality thing, I am torn. The same people that hate Rob Zombie probably hate Tarantino too. I, however, see this as a director paying tribute to classic films that people may have never heard about before. I don’t know how many awesome Kung Fu and Blaxploitation films I have found, watched, and developed appreciation for, just because they were referenced in Tarantino’s work. I have also found great films from Zombie’s work, by looking through his actors’ IMDB pages. So in the end, I would say I am a Rob Zombie fan, for the most part. Maybe I’m just a sucker for trying to find the silver lining in everything I watch, but that’s what makes being a film geek fun.

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5 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate Rob Zombie?: My Opinion in One Minute”

  1. I love Rob Zombie movies, Devils rejects and house of a thousand corpses is gold in my eyes. Lords of salem not so much, I will try the book and se if that´s a sucsess.


  2. I was one of the few who did not like Zombie from the beginning.. However I acknowledge that he changed horror itself for the first decade of the 21st century after HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES was given to the public. The HALLOWEEN remakes were an insult in my personal opinion to the storyline created by Carpenter. Then again, I hated Halloweens 4-8 as well..
    I am a weird horror fan, only a fan of certain kinds and a interested reporter on all of it..

    I think 31 will be disturbing and creepy.. bloody and gory. For some that will be orgasmic. For me? I like the undercurrent of horror in films more than the overt nature of the beast. If that makes sense..


    1. I love that you mentioned Halloween 4-8. I’m a weird horror fan because I have a tendency to defend remakes. I still hate a lot of them, but I am much nicer than most. Every horror franchise has films in the original series that are terrible, so when someone says a remake is a disgrace I say look at Hellraiser 6-8, TCM: The Next Generation, Nightmare on Elm St. 2. Basically, every original series has a film, or two or three, that were disgraceful before the remake was ever thought of.


      1. Exactly.. And I am also weird in a sense that I loved HALLOWEEN 3, at least the premise. And quite frankly i am surprised to date no one has tried to remake that one, something that is particularly frightening in a concept. And actually, I sorta think (irony here) that Rob zombie may actually be the best person to do it!

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