VHS Re-Realease on DVD: The Next Best Thing For Horror Fans (Dreamaniac Film Review)


Ever since I saw The Mutilator on VHS, at the Housecore Horror Film Festival, I have developed a slight obsession with terrible horror films from the 80’s. Since then, I have been scouring the internet for old out of print horror films and I’ve learned that the VHS market is growing for collectors. It is especially strong for films that may have never got a DVD release. However, there are companies now, that are releasing special edition grindhouse, exploitation, and other rare genres on DVD. I found a on sale on Amazon last week, from Charles Band’s Full Moon film company. With his Grindhouse Collection, Band is trying to restore and re-release films that the horror and exploitation film fan may have never been able to find again.

Last night I watched Necropolis and Dreamaniac and both films were so amazingly bad. They were so bad, in fact, that they were amazing. Of the two, Dreamaniac was my favorite for all of the wrong reasons. The acting was weak and the dialogue was terrible. It was the dialogue, however, that kept me totally enthralled. They have conversations that are so inappropriate, off topic, an poorly timed that you just can’t look away. Like The Mutilator, Spookies, and Junior (find these and see them too), you will watch this film and gain a new respect for poorly made films. These movies are all absolutely hilarious, and I think Dreamaniac surpasses them all. Nowadays, we have films following in the footsteps of Feast and Shaun of the Dead, trying to be the next best horror comedy. But what about the original horror comedies? Dreamaniac may have started this trend, even though it may have been accicdental.

In the end, the acting gets a 3, the writing gets a 3, the hilariously bad ending gets a 1 and the nonsensical editing (that almost completely removes you from any understanding of the already weak story line) gets a 1. These somehow, in my twisted mind, add up to a strong 8/10. Although the gore is good, some more senseless violence may have convinced me to rate it even higher. So if you want to see a movie that is bad enough to be amazing, try to find Dreamaniac.

You can get this for 5 bucks on Amazon…click the link below.

Dreamaniac (Grindhouse Collection)


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