The Zombie Series: Confusing International Sequels Rated and Ranked!!


A few weeks ago, I completed and ranked the entire American released zombie series. If you don’t know what I mean by this, Wikipedia does a decent job of explaining it. Basically, Dawn of the Dead started multiple strings of films in different countries. No matter who or where they were made, different countries pieced together their own “series” and released them. The US version was lucky enough to claim two of the worst films out of all of the countries’ releases.

As I rank our series, the starting point is obvious. Dawn of the Dead gets a 10/10, and is still the greatest zombie movie ever made. Lucio Fulci’s Zombie has the Italian title of Zombi 2, so it is kinda seen as a sequel to Dawn; although, I see the ending of that film and I think it screams prequel. It really doesn’t matter though, because they are technically and completely unrelated. With this being said, I think it is Fulci’s best film and easily my second favorite zombie film of all time…so it gets a 9/10. Zombie or Zombi 3 is partly directed by Fulci, but was re-cut by exploitation master Bruno Mattei. This was neither director’s best effort and also where the story line starts to get a little goofy. It has some cool early examples of the fast zombie (not greatly popularized until 28 Days Later), but still takes third place on my list with a 6/10. Zombie 4 is awful, despite the hilariously amazing 80’s rock soundtrack and it received a 4/10 from me. Finally, Zombie 5 is what I just recently finished watching and it is a film that probably shouldn’t exist. It’s the first zombie film I’ve watched that has made me completely bored. It has terrible acting, bad effects, a stupid subtitle, a difficult story line, and terribly inappropriate music. I’m giving Zombie 5 a 2/10, which is about as low as I’ve ever gone when it comes to rating any film I’ve ever reviewed.

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The Zombie Pack (Zombi 3 / Zombie 4: After Death / Zombie 5: Killing Birds)

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