The Sacrament (2013) Film Review


Upon viewing this, I was glad to see that Eli Roth isn’t only involved in torture porn. I was even happier to see that director Ti West was at it again. West has been responsible for bringing a new generation of horror to the mainstream. He is also one of a small group of young directors that are revitalizing a genre that seemed to be dying out. Not to mention, he writes, directs, and edits his own films. He is horror’s Robert Rodriguez.

Ti West’s films have been hot and cold for me in the past. For instance, I loved The House of the Devil (9/10) while I thought The Innkeepers was a boring and a little overrated (6/10). I feel like The Sacrament was closer to The House of the Devil as far as displaying his talents as a filmmaker.

This film, like The House of the Devil, was creepy and suspenseful throughout. It is this well paced climb in tension that creates great satisfaction in the viewer, when the brutal climax occurs. Although this is loosely based on true events of Jonestown, West does a good job of modernizing it by bringing in the Vice news, found footage type, story line. He also always does a great job using music, sound, and just the right amount of violence to tell his stories. I was also very impressed by the actors in this film. The roles of the sister and Father definitely stood out to me, and they didn’t even get that much screen time. So, if you are looking for a surprisingly fresh representation of a story that you think you know, check out Ti West’s The Sacrament (8/10).

Stay dead-ucated!


3 thoughts on “The Sacrament (2013) Film Review”

  1. I really really liked this movie and I think Gene Jones (‘Father’) has a illustrious career ahead of them. I thought the highly unnerving interview between him and AJ Bowen’s character was nothing short of brilliance. This movie is intense, realistic, thought-provoking, with just the right amount of build-up. I wouldn’t consider it ‘torture porn’ though (not in the way Tom Six’s “Human Centipede” movies are torture porn.)

    Crazy to think what an seemingly ordinary person will do under the thumb of a charismatic leader. Are they stupid to begin with, or is everyone capable of being completely brainwashed under the right circumstances? “The Sacrament” raises this provocative question well.

    However, I hated “The House of the Devil.” Find out why here-


    1. I only mentioned torture porn because Eli Roth was a producer on the film and when I think of him, I think of Hostel and torture porn. This film is definitely not torture porn. The interview scene you mentioned is also my favorite in the movie. Thanks for reading.


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