Horns (2013) Film Review


So many horror movies that end up on Netflix quickly, get there for a reason. I don’t feel this way about Horns. I recently watched this film on Netflix and thought it was great. With a 6.5 on IMDB, I think it is very underrated.

The novel, by Joe Hill, is one that I read about a year ago. I really liked the dark humor and the questions about religion that the novel raised. I wondered how a film adaptation would be able to fit so much thematic material and a murder mystery into a single movie without leaving anything out. Then I heard Alexandre Aja was directing the adaptation. At this point, he had already been responsible for High Tension (which is a great film) and one of my favorite horror remakes, The Hills Have Eyes.

The combination of these two talents has created a very good film. The soundtrack is used well, the comedic timing is perfect, and the level of violence is completely appropriate for this type of film. It is not a gore fest, because there is still a suspenseful murder mystery that needs to be portrayed. It never turns into a horror/comedy, but uses ocassional scenes of dark humor to provide the perfect amount of comedic relief. In the end, you also get some of the philosophical religious questions that we’re more apparent in the book, but still present.

Many people were annoyed by the love story aspect and the Twilight-esque ending. I too was a little annoyed by the emphasis on the love story and let down by the fact that the ending wasn’t as dark as that of the novel. The end of the book brought up great thought provoking questions about religion and the nature of evil, two things that really should have ended up in the movie. Being a huge fan of both creative forces behind this film made me very biased on my first viewing. This is why I need to drop the rating down for this revised rating. I still really think there is a little bit of everything here for the horror fan, so I would give this film a 7/10 and encourage people to check it out. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

You can buy it from Amazon below.

Horns DVD

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