Wolf Cop: Great Canadian Horror/Comedy


If you love gory horror, hilarious dialogue, and exploding genitals…keep reading.

I found this Canadian horror film on Netflix today and I was surprisingly impressed. At first, the acting seemed like it would annoy me, but I actually started to like it. The actors were funny and you could tell they were satirizing the horror genre. They weren’t taking themselves too seriously, but they weren’t so bad that they weren’t convincing either. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that everyone was in on the joke. Even the voice on the radio, which seemed like a radio station out of a Grand Theft Auto game, was making fun of the film’s setting and political surrounding.
The violence and gore was also so good that you will remember more than one scene from this film far after the it’s over. The gore is consistently awesome and even the sex is disturbing. So…since I have to make this quick, I’m not going to give away much more, but I am going to tell you to find it and watch it now.

If you love stylistic horror-comedies like Feast, brutal violence reminiscent of the Hatchet films, and satire straight out of the Grand Theft Auto games, check this out. I give it an 8/10.

Buy this on Amazon, by clicking below.
Wolfcop [Blu-ray]

Stay dead-ucated!

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