Cannibal Claus and Chaos A.D.

From The Sleaze Box, comes new films from Sean Donohue and Chris Woods. These are two of the craziest and most memorable indie horror directors out there. I have their films on Vultra VHS.

Pieces of Talent (2014)

This film was an indie and underground sensation a couple years back. The director is selling off the last of his Blu-ray and DVD copies. Does this mean there is more on the way from Joe Stauffer and Shutter Blade Media?




I wrote about it on an old website, right before I merged content with Beneath the Underground. You can see the review here.

The Mildew from Planet Xonader (2016)

This is the most recent release from Necrostorm. It is brutal, bloody, and hilarious. This is a great label that more people in the US should be watching and buying.


Philosophy of a Knife (2008)

This is a Russian documentary that it cut together with fictional gore sequences that are reminiscent of older Japanese cyber-punk films. It is a tough film to come by, as many of director Andrey Iskanov’s have gone OOP with Unearthed Films.


Prophets of Ignorance (2016)

One of my favorite underground filmmakers comes from Kasper Juhl in Denmark. His work is brutal and disturbing. He also does a great job with practical effects. His content usually focuses on the darkest reaches on the underbelly of society. This is one of his newest features and one of my favorites. You can find his work through Hellbound Productions, Black Lava Entertainment, and Unearthed Films.

Desperate Living (1977)

John Waters is a hero in the world of indie film. He has been a voice for the outcasts of society for years. He is a pioneer in the world of social change and free speech as well. Desperate Living came out after the much more famous…or infamous, Pink Flamingos, and right before Polyester. It is one of the craziest damn movies ever. I love it. This is my VHS copy.


The Violent Shit Series

The ultimate series of films from the shot-on-video era of indie filmmaking is Violent Shit. It has had two modern day sequels/reboots; but, there is nothing like the low budget practical gore effects found in the original trilogy. Synapse Films has recently released four of the films with the bonus bloodbath Zombie 90 for your underground viewing pleasure. 

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