Slugs (1988)

Slugs is a film from the late eighties that capitalized on the creature horror craze. Unlike Frogs and Squirm, this one really ups the ante in the gore department. I had not seen it until Arrow Video sent me a screener to review for Beneath the Underground last year. I freakin’ loved it. It is truly a hidden gem from back in the day.

Two Evil Eyes (1990)

This was a combined effort from horror masters George Romero and Dario Argento. It is a single release consisting of two films that pay tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. Neither of the films jump out as top runners in regard to either filmmakers’ credits. In fact, I think the Arrow Video artwork may have been the best part about what was essentially a long episode of Tales from the Crypt. As a collector of both of these horror icons, however, I could not pass up this release from the Arrow Video Holiday Sale.

Massage Parlor of Death (2015)

Written and directed by Richard Mogg, Massage Parlor of Death may kill some your brain cells. It is right up there with films like Death Nurse and Cemetery Sisters when it comes to micro budget gory slasher films. This, along with other films from Mogg, are being released for very fair prices from SRS Cinema.

Battle Royale (2000)

This is a collector’s set from Anchor Bay. It brings together two versions of the infamous Battle Royale, the sequel, and a special features disc. It is an awesome set that can be found at very affordable prices nowadays. I found it in the Amazon Warehouse, where many of the best film deals can be found. Of course you are at the mercy of whatever happens to be on clearance, so it may be the luck of the draw at times. Anyway, I love both of these films. They are nasty little films that pay great modern homage to gore effects, anime, exploitation, and even samuraiĀ films of the past. I am also still completely amazed at the similarities between this and The Hunger Games. I feel like this was blatantly stolen, and the crime was conveniently overlooked.

Fire Twister (2015)

Yes, you can actually buy this on DVD. I don’t know anything about it. All I know is that I love the title and the picture on the front. It will be mine…oh yes, it will be mine. #CasperVanDienFoLife

555 (1988)

This is a movie about a hippie slasher that murders kids that are just trying to do it. Apparently this guy comes out every five years, in the fifth month, killing people for five straight days. This movie has ridiculous dialogue and hilarious low budget splatter effects. I love it for all of the wrong reasons. I got it for less than nine dollars on Amazon. It is being distributed by Massacre Video, one of the kings of old school shot-on-video releases.

David Cronenberg’s Early Works (1968-ish)

I got this cool set of films for ten bucks on a sale from Arrow Video. The first two are very short films that definitely show us that even the greats have to start somewhere. While the films aren’t great by any means, they definitely foreshadow much of the thematic content of which the director would come to be known. The longer two “features” show improvement in technique and would make a great collectible purchase for the film historian. 

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